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Philippine National Police

Philippine National Police

Floridablanca Municipal Police Station




  1. About The Service:

Police Clearance are issued to clients who are residents of the community to justify and cleared themselves from any criminal activities and/or having standing cases in court/pending complaint. The public secure police clearance of the following needs: employment, licensing, loan application, remittance, local or overseas travel. The agency uses a highly computerized machine that automatically verifies and checks the records of the client with installed picture machine use to print picture and a control number attached therein. Additional payment is being paid by the client for the service, which are saved and submitted to higher headquarters for reference and record purposes.


  1. Who Can Avail The Service:

Any bonafide resident


  1. Requirement(s):
    1. CTC (community Tax Certificate)
  • Barangay Clearance
  1. Official Receipt from Municipal Treasurer’s Office
  • Personal Appearance of the client


  1. Fee(s):
  2. Local Php   00
  3. Abroad                                                                                    Php 100.00
  4. For employment, scholarship, study grant

and other purposes not hereunder specified                   Php   50.00

  1. For change of name Php   00
  2. For application for Filipino citizenship Php 100.00
  3. For passport or visa application Php 100.00
  4. For firearms permit application Php 100.00
  5. For PLEB clearance Php   00


  1. Availability Of The Service:

Monday to Friday – From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Official Website of Municipality of Floridablanca, Province of Pampanga